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We are donating 100% of the profits of your order today as a tax deductible donation to a COVID-19 relief fund of your choice.

What is this, exactly? What's

Hi there! My name is Nathan Sykes - I'm a best-selling author, TED talk giver, and more importantly - I own a company with a lot of employees, freelancers, and contractors on retainer. We've felt the full force of the restrictions and contractions that have come with the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, and we wanted to help.

We put together some resources on how companies, mostly small ones, can survive and thrive during this uncertain time in our history. And unlike some assholes who take advantage of tragedies like this, we aren't even selling it for-profit - you just need to make a $6.95 donation to a Coronavirus relief fund of your choice.

This fundraiser is managed and run entirely by me and my staff. You can make sure that we're legitimate by clicking around my main site - There's plenty of information to help assure you of my reputation.

There's also a 100% money-back guarantee. If you want to be a dick and retract your donation, I'll personally refund your $6.95 out of my personal paycheck.

Still, if you have questions, give us a call or an email - (207) 613-2301, or respectively. Thank you for your time!
Which is me, and which is Alice Cooper?

This FREE Action Packed E-Book Will Cover:

  • Office Hygiene: How to keep your office and staff safe; cleaning, washing hands, and disinfecting.
  • Work-At-Home: How to introduce a work-at-home policy, and make sure it's successful. Tools to use, best practices, success stories, etc.
  • Business Travel: If your company requires it, how to reduce business travel, and why that reduction is important.
  • ​​A Potential Recession: How to prepare your finances for a recession.
  • ​​​Sales Mitigation: How to have little-to-no impact on your company's sales, no matter what industry you're in.
  • ​​​Time-Sensitive Advantage: How you can use COVID-19 to your advantage - in marketing, sales, and leadership.

The "Asshole" Guarantee - 100% Of Your Money Back

The E-Book is an instant download after your donation, so it's very possible that you can download it, and request a refund immediately afterward. Doing so is a cowardly move that I will forever judge you for, but it is an option.

To mitigate the impact of refunds, I'll be supplementing refund requests with my own paycheck and my own money. That's right - I will pay for your refund with my own money, so your $6.95 still goes to the COVID-19 relief non-profit of your choice.

So if you want to be that asshole who requests a refund to save seven bucks instead of donating it to somebody in need, go ahead. I'll refund your money, but I reserve the right to put you in my hall of shame - name, city, and state. All publicly available for all to see that you're a cheap jerk who takes advantage of human tragedies.

If you want a refund because of a billing or a deliverability issue, that's another story. Get in touch with us at (207) 613-2301, or at, and we'll fix whatever problems you're having with your donation, or your download. That's our fault, and we'd never judge you for that! Maybe ourselves, though.

Get The "Business Coronavirus" Handbook FOR FREE!

The best seven bucks you'll spend today - it's going to a good cause, and it's opening the door towards a handbook you can use to survive and thrive as this impacts other small businesses.

I don't know how many other ways to pitch this - either donate, or don't. Hopefully I'll be helping you choose a non-profit on the next page shortly!
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